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Take Down

Blood and Glory - Book 2

Sometimes we have to go through the dark to reach the light. Whenever he steps into the octagon, heavyweight champion Gabriel Maddox is focused on one thing, and one thing alone: destroying the man in front of him with calm, devastating precision. He’s controlled in everything he does, but it’s not a control that comes easily. It’s born out of pain and survival—out of necessity. Dominating in the octagon, and dominating in bed, Gabe is a man who gets what he wants. And when he lays eyes on journalist Megan Sinclair, he wants her.


From the moment Megan meets Gabe, she knows there’s something different about him. Something hiding behind all of that calculated control. His commanding, dominating nature sparks a need in her, opening her eyes to desires she didn’t know she had. She wants to know what it would feel like to be at his mercy. To give herself over to him, even if it’s only for one night.


Megan brings out an insatiability in Gabe, and he knows one night isn’t enough. Against his better judgement, he breaks his rules for her as his control starts to slip. Where she’s Beauty, he’s the Beast, and he doesn’t think she can handle the dark needs he harbors. Needs involving her submission and his twisted fantasies. But Megan craves what he’s offering, sending them both down a dangerous path.

This is a standalone romance with a dark, tormented hero and light elements of submission and dominance. Super steamy and emotional with no cliffhanger—we promise!

Take Down
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Available in print, ebook, and audio

Republished April 2020

(Originally published with Simon & Schuster)

Dirty Boxing is a knock out!! A dirty reunited lovers story with tons of emotion and heat! - Molly O'Keefe, USA TODAY Bestselling Author

This steamy light Sub/dom romance will have readers begging for these two conflicted souls to heal each other. Fans of the first in the series, Dirty Boxing, will not want to miss this story although this can e thoroughly enjoyed as a stand-alone. - Library Journal

I really loved this novel. It was sexy, fast paced and surprisingly emotional. I teared up quite a few times. All in all, this was such an amaxing book and I look forward to the next one! - Bookgasms Book Blog

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