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Dirty Boxing

One Night With The Viking

Viking Warriors - Book 2

"You don't understand what you do to me." 

His whole life, Gunnar has felt unworthy of love. Then one unforgettable night, his childhood sweetheart Kadlin offers herself to him. Knowing he will never truly deserve her, he leaves the next morning… The memories will have to last a lifetime. 

Kadlin was devastated when Gunnar left. Now, two years later, he returns, wounded from his battles across the sea. And Kadlin must decide whether to trust him again, and tell him about the true consequence of their one night together!

Available in print and ebook
Published January 2016

I've just finished reading this beautiful story and I'm speechless!!!! I love Gunnar's bravery, I enjoy every page of this book and magical story - Amazon reviewer

It has everything you could look for and so much more. You are spellbound from the beginning to the end. A real treasure and a keeper. - Debi Allen, reviewer

Many twists and turns, challenges and emotions are packed into this wonderful story. Strongly recommended! Fans of Viking Romance, Historical Romance with enduring characters are sure to enjoy this story. - April Renn, reviewer

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