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Falling for Her Viking Captive

Sons of Sigurd - Book 2

Capturing the Viking warrior
In her cellar…

Lady Annis must stop Viking Rurik Sigurdsson from discovering the truth about his family’s death. Her only solution is to imprison him. But as the ruggedly handsome Viking starts to charm his way out of his cell and into her heart, can she be sure he’s not still intent on vengeance—or perhaps an unexpected alliance is the solution?

Sons of Sigurd
Driven by revenge, redeemed by love
Book 1 — Stolen by the Viking by Michelle Willingham - 3/2020
Book 2 — Falling for Her Viking Captive by Harper St. George - 5/2020
Book 3 — Conveniently Wed to the Viking by Michelle Styles - 7/2020
Book 4 — Redeeming Her Viking Warrior by Jennie Fletcher - 9/2020
Book 5 — Tempted by Her Viking Enemy by Terri Brisbin - 11/2020

Sons of Sigurd series

When Sigurd, King of Maerr on Norway’s west coast, was assassinated and his lands stolen, his five sons, Alarr, Rurik, Sandulf, Danr and Brandt, were forced to flee for their lives.

The brothers swore to avenge their father’s death, and now the time has come to fulfill their oath. They will endure battles, uncover secrets and find unexpected love in their quest to reclaim their lands and restore their family’s honor!

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